Thursday, 29 October 2009

Dragon Research

I wanted to get a bit more information on dragons as I was struggling to sketch my design. Dragons are very complicated and I feel would be a nightmare for me to model in such a short amount of time. I started looking into computer games for movement and dragon designs as well as looking into traditional shapes from China and the West.

The Spyro video is really helpful, I like the design of Spyro with his quite square features around the mouth. I also like his colour scheme and may hint at the purple in my own dragon design as it has connotations of royalty and high stature, so will make the production company seem of good standing. The beginning also has the idents for the games companies, the first two are of significance to me as the Sierra one is in black and white and stands out really well, and the second has a dark background yet uses the fire effects to stand out. Both are memorable and the second especially would fit in with my own ident scheme for the Dragon.

Furthermore, I decided to make a maquette of my Dragon as I could not find any suitable tutorials online and it has helped me greatly with the shape and model of my character. I have used these images on my image planes to create the model in 3D easily, and understand the geometry of the dragon face much more. I have only decided to create the dragon head as I feel a whole dragon with body, wings and a tail would be far too complex to achieve alone in the time I have left, especially considering my other designs as well. The one thing I do want my dragon to do is breathe fire, so I have been experiementing and researching how to do so. I will enhance the images in After Effects, yet believe I will also create the fire in Maya.

I found two easy ways to make fire in Maya, the first is using Fluid Effects > Get Fluid Sample and the other is using Particle Effects. Comparing the two images, I will use the Fluid Effects as is has the correct shape and stength that I wish to use for my Dragon. It is quite strong and powerful and I would like this to be conveyed to represent the production company.

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