Thursday, 22 October 2009

Initial Ideas

My first ideas for the brief were involving fireworks, due to the bang sound and the positive celebration connotations that the images would give.

After looking at colours I decided I wanted to play around with black and white so I decided to make all of the characters white against a black background, using a silhouette. I wanted to make the characters black with a white outline but I am unsure how I would achieve this.

Colour is used to represent a light soul of each person, that conjoins to make the fireworks. The blue and white lights that join together are cold and made to seem unhappy, yet when the fireworks explode there is lots of bright yellow and warm colour as this is the effect that the production company will have on the audience.

I tried modelling a character for this, yet found making my storyboards that I lied the wooden figure as it can stand for anyone and therefore everyone is represented as liking the company, so I believe I will stay with this.

1 comment:

  1. hey all looking cool, just with the silhouette idea.. antony gormley?

    He did that ghost thing involving silhouettes.