Thursday, 22 October 2009

Initial Ideas Two

My other key ideas that I will continue with are that of a dragon and a bomb. My reasoning for this is that I wanted a recognisable character like the Universal world of the Lion roaring. I believe I could create a similar effect with a dragon blowing fire and it forming the Bang Bang Bang logo. The dragon shows power and strength, as well as appealing in a traditional sense to the older generation and seeming to be quite 'cool' for younger audiences. I truely believe it could be an iconic image, I just need to experiement and further the design.

The bomb is also another play on the words, and the image includes both the logo and the character itself, as the logo forms part of the wire that is on fire and counting down towards the bomb. He can react to his eminent demise and this will allow me to portray lots of character animation and expressions.

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