Thursday, 29 October 2009

Further Research


I looked into a few more silhouette pieces to see how effective this style is. I really like the secong piece in particular as it uses the red colour really well against the black and white, the use of colour is really effective. I especially like it between 30-45 seconds where there is the black background against the white figures, and they us colour for emphasis on the butterflies. This is the type of effect I would like to achieve with my piece, using the B&W against the colour of the glow from the figures and the fireworks display.


I next started looking at current bomb animations to give an idea of how people 'cartoonize' the bomb, which can seen as an aggressive item, in order to make it seem friendlier.

Obviously this video is based on the Mario games, and I really like the cartoon style as it makes the character have appeal, which is important as I want the production company to be appealing to the audience. I do not understand why the bomb is wound up, possibly to make it less threatening, yet this is not something I will use in my designs.

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